small kero home

Hi, I'm Loaf! You've stumbled across my webzone, small and sequestered and always under construction... but mine :3

Here's a place for me to share whatever nonsense I feel like making! I really love the earnestness and personal creativity on display all over on neocities, and I hope to carve out my own little niche.

added a header image, added a few banners. little sprucing up here and there.
added a secret. poke around a bit, you'll almost certainly notice it.

okay maybe I can inject a bit of personality into the update section. maybe this can be the actual blog, because i've delegated the blog section to writing about "things" rather than rambling off the cuff. well. not that i don't also ramble there. anyway the spirit of the old web possessed me such that i redesigned basically the whole site over the last week. and i still have some ideas, so look forward to more!


  • i changed all the theming entirely, pretty much. only once i moved to jekyll & wouldn't have to manually edit each page did this finally feel reasonable to do. my old theme was kinda an incoherent mess, but not in that aesthetic old-web kinda way. i'm feeling good about this theming now!
  • the new day colors extremely strongly remind me of my mind's conceptual color palette of one of my friends from elementary school. legit like, the green + brown combo is so inextricably linked
  • scavenged bits and pieces of my cohost intro post to reformat my about page
  • broke the mobile layout moving to Jekyll, oops! fixed now
  • added a sprite to toggle the different day/night themeing


  • the left sidebar could use more stuff in it. idk what that stuff is yet. but there will be stuff, mark my words.
  • i've gotta design a fancy header at some point
switched to static site generation with Jekyll. put this off for way too long, should've been doing this from the beginning. also added a new blog post.
added Yesterwebring, buttons for neocities mutuals, night/day color themeing, some layout redesign.
updated sprites, changed theming, reformatted about page, added blog post.
added more art, minor cleanup.
added blog, fixed tables on mobile.
added page on TTRPGs, new gamedev project, art, links, and banners.
changed homepage, added a few more images.
added hobby sprites. Made the layout consistent throughout the site. posted some of my art.
redesigned the layout. added this updates section. updated various pages. cannot decide on a color scheme, this is maybe terrible, or maybe it's great.