small kero


You've stumbled across my webzone, small and sequestered and always under construction... but mine :3

Here's a place for me to share whatever nonsense I feel like making! I really love the earnestness and personal creativity on display all over on neocities, and I hope to carve out my own little niche.

9.22.22: Added Yesterwebring, buttons for neocities mutuals, night/day color themeing, some layout redesign.
9.16.22: Updated sprites, changed theming, reformatted about page, added blog post.
7.16.22: Added more art, minor cleanup.
5.21.22: Added blog, fixed tables on mobile.
5.1.22: Added page on TTRPGs, new gamedev project, art, links, and banners.
2.4.22: Changed homepage, added a few more images.
11.13.21: Added hobby sprites. Made the layout consistent throughout the site. Posted some of my art.
11.7.21: Redesigned the layout. Added this updates section. Updated various pages. Cannot decide on a color scheme, this is maybe terrible, or maybe it's great.