small kero art

My art! Started seriously trying to learn how to draw August 2020. I don't think anything is that good yet, but I'm definitely improving. For the longest time I thought "it's too late to learn how to draw..." but now I've realized it's not!


Anthro blacktip reef shark slash comb jelly Anthro opossum slash bear wearing a crown, sitting in a throne. Anthro bobcat in overalls hoeing the land in front of a house. Large rock figures with mossy hapazardly jutting out of the ocean. Anthro crow in a field of wheat wearing a tuxedo. Anthro wolf, clutching a bloody chest wound and holding a sword.


Shirtless wolfish furry standing in a field of strawberries. Werewolf flexing and wearing partial armor Opening area from Mario and Luigi: Partner's in Time. A portal in a grassy area, behind which lies a gigantic mushroom emerging from somewhere below the clouds. Farther away lies a snowy village. A tan furry dog lounges on a hammock by the seaside. Kero and a bobcat furry cuddle on a cliff. A buff furry dog flexes on the beach


Dog furry with an awkward expression sits on a bench. Dog on a motorcycle. Lion with wings dressed as an angel floats, behind which lies binary code. Anthro dog wearing suspenders Kero stands on a cliff against a stormy background. Anthro dog sitting, wearing jeans & t-shirt.